Haute Route – Bike ride thru the French Alps

from Aug 21 to 27, 2011, I competed in my first ever bicycle race – and it was a doozy – The Haute Route. Each evening, I sat down to write updates, capturing some thoughts from each of the seven stages. (more…)

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Victory in 5.5 Metre Worlds

Flavio Marazzi, Christof Wilke and I wrapped up the International 5.5Metre Class World Championships yesterday at Torbole on Italy’s Lake Garda, without having to sail the final race.

It seemed to me to be a very similar regatta to the Etchells Worlds in Ireland a fortnight earlier. We had very nice speed and height, so we elected not to push the starts very hard. Our speed upwind and downwind got us out of trouble here and there, but we were consistently able to place the boat on the race course to capitalise on the lake’s fickle breezes better than our closest competitors. In fact the two boats (Artemis XIV and Odlo) we identified at the start of the event as being the guys to beat never once finished in front of us. we did not every race, but we generally won our side on the first upwind and chipped away from there if behind other boats. So, in summary a very solid week.worlds5.5_2010-0290-2

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Finally time to write an update!

I am definitiely over-due for an update! Been plenty on these past few months, both in sailing and family events.

Family-wise, it has been a great summer on the Isle of Wight. Nice, mild weather with some long periods of sunny days and nice breezes. Since arriving to Cowes in April, we have had little to complain about.

The original plan for Kate to home-school the older two kids only lasted for a couple of weeks. Just too hard, particularly with the young fella, Charlie in the background demanding his piece of the action. So they were enrolled to school and saw out the final term of the English school year. Today is a big day, as it is the first day back from school holidays after a lonnnggg seven weeks for Kate. It is the first ever day of school for Charlie. Unfotunatey, I am not at home to be a part of it, but did have a skype with them earlier and saw him in his uniform. Pretty weird to see our little baby in uniform! Where does it go?

So, the kids are great. Enjoying the Cowes waterfront and all it’s goings-on. Also spending time with their little cousins etc.. It’s all good stuff. Kate is also having a great time. Lots of family around, as well as old childhood friends. Can’t go wrong, really. However, the big test of an English winter ominously approaches….. In other family news, my mum arrives this weekend from Melbourne. By far the biggest trip of her life. Will be great to see her.

Sailing / work-wise it has been flat-out. The main activities have been related to my role as coach with Team Artemis in the RC44, TP52 and Louis Vuitton circuits. I have also done three trips as coach with the Kiwi Star team of Hamish Pepper and Craig Monk and two ‘holidays” to do World Championships as a sailor myself. (more…)

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Winning the Etchells Worlds….

The following is a draft that I wrote for the Etchells Class Newsletter…

The planning behind John Bertrand, Tom Slingsby and myself winning the 2010 Etchells Worlds in Howth, Ireland had it’s beginnings during the campaign for the previous year’s Worlds in Melbourne. In that campaign John and I were joined by Ben Ainslie. Ben’s sailing pedigree is un-matched and to sail next to him on the etchells and hang out with him ashore was a very positive and memorable experience.

copyright Ingrid Abery

copyright Ingrid Abery


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Travel drama’s in Europe… April update

Currently moving across the european continent, dealing with the volcanic ash interuption to air travel. Have been reflecting on how I got into this “sitchie”. one thing I have is time. So I started jotting down some thoughts.

2010 so far has been very hectic. In Feb I spent almost three weeks in Dubai with Team Artemis in the RC44 class. Then straight to Auckland for the first three weeks of March. Again with Team Artemis, but this time in America’s Cup class boats at the Louis Vuitton regatta. Then home for a week spent preparing to rent out our house for 12 months and for us to move to the UK.

Whilst I love what I do (and it is always nice to be busy with work), April has been a challenge…… (more…)

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March 2010 Update

Hi to my massive readership (Mum, I hope you are well).

Just a note to say G’day and update you on where things are heading for me.

My last trip saw lots of positive stuff happening, as far as work going forward is concerned. Basically, I spent six weeks in total with Team Artemis. Three weeks were in Dubai and three in Auckland. Team Artemis are a Swedish owned sailing team that have been campaigning hard in the TP52 MedCup circuit, as well as the RC44 class for the past few years. The team recently made public their desire to put together an America’s Cup bid. The team is well resourced and well organised. See the website here. (more…)

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Jan 2010 Update

Well, after no blogging for five months, i guess it is time to saddle up again and not let the dream die!

Have been chockers with either work or family activities for the past months.

Hamilton Isalnd Race Week on the RP66, Loki was not a great one. the boat was optimised towards the heavier breezes, but it was a very, very light week. We were slow when the wind was below 10 knots (which was 90% of the time and we were very sticky in the really light. A good experience though. However, one design is the way to go.

In November I joined the BMW Oracle team for the Louis Vuitton event in Nice, France. It was a good event, sailied in America’s Cup class yachts. a great learning experience for me to get back into the AC scene after being away since 1992. I was acting in a coaching / support role for the team. Heaps of talent there. The team had a disappointing result, which reflected their split resources with the impending multihull Deed-of-Gift America’s Cup match coming up in Feb.. But for me, it was a great oppurtunity and a massive learning experience.

December was full of coaching and sailing work at home in Sydney. Mainly coaching Etchells, the 18ft skiff and Farr40’s, as well as sailing Etchells and a Mumm30 at the Rolex Regatta.

New Years eve was spent overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge at Guy Stening’s house.

Today the Etchells Nationals start and we are getting ready. i am sailing on the bow, with John Bertrand on the helm and Tom Slingsby in the middle. We are at Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney.

Anyway, life is good.

Standing By. Lake Macquarie.

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Star Worlds 2009 – Sweden

Just about to board the long flight back home to Sydney….

I have just attended my 9th Star Worlds. However this time it was in a coaching role. I was working with the Kiwi team of Hamish Pepper and Craig Monk. (more…)

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July Update

Again, a long time between updates. Sorry Mum.

Happy to report that the reason for no blogging is that things have been busy for the past couple of months. i am currently sitting in Frankfurt airport, waiting to board the plane home after an epic 7 week trip in europe. The year was looking decidedly quiet back in April, but the europe trip saw a few events string together for me and I have not had a day off the whole time I have been in Europe. (more…)

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Long time between posts

After receiving complaints from most of my small readership, I thought I had better respond and post a quick update.

Things have been quiet since the Etchells Worlds in Melbourne. Work has consisted of helping the Farr40 team Transfusion prepare for their Worlds in Sardinia, some etchells coaching on the harbour, working on various Stars at our little Pittwater fleet and starting the planning for the Gotta Love It 7 team for next year’s 18 footer season. i have also done some days as coach for the CYCA’s Youth Sailing Academy. So, keeping busy, without being out of control.

It’s been an opportunity to spend some time with each of the kids and be a part of the family. This is something I missed out on in the years and months leading up to the Olympics last year.

Been doing a fair amount of bike riding, mainly with Twirler in the magnificent Kuringai national park on the west side of Pittwater. I also bought a paddle ski and have been getting to the point where I do more paddling than swimming (very unstable). It’s nice to get out on the water and do a workout that balances out the bike-riding a bit.

Off to Europe for the best part of six weeks very soon. On the agenda is Holland Regatta in the Star (with Flavio Marazzi of Switzerland). Then sailing on Lang Walker’s superyacht Kokomo in two regatta in Sardinia. Finally, the Transfusion boys arrive to sardinia and I work with them as coach for their worlds. Back home early July. not many plans beyond that, other than sailing with Stephen Ainsworth and Cameron Miles aboard Loki for Hamilton Island Race Week in late August.

Thats it for now.

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